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To promote greater understanding of the need for an immense shift in our understanding of food and medicine, recommended videos are being embedded. These will cover the issues of pollination and its relationship to our food supply and the need for conscious service to bees and butterflies; various ways to grow one's own food and medicine, how to grow, compost, and harvest; how to distill your own essential oils and make your own herbal medicines. Suggestions are welcome!

Introductory Videos

Gardening on a Deck

Gardening Tips

Growing Food for a Community in Ecuador

Rooftop Gardening

Pollination Videos

Bee Pollinating Thistle

Butterfly Pollinating Morning Glory

Desert Garden with Bee Hotel

Bee Videos

Beekeeping on Rooftops

Feature Length Film

Mosquito and Malaria Videos

Plants that Protect Against Mosquitoes

Artemisia annua and Malaria

Growing Artemisia annua in Madagascar

Seed Scarification

Sandpaper Experiment with Beans

Scarification, Stratification, and Soaking

Rare Tropical Seeds


Brief Introduction to Fukuoka Permaculture

Permaculture: Lawn Conversion

Portugal: Tamera

Plant Communication

How Plants Communicate & Think

The Hidden Power of Plants

How Trees Talk to Each Other


Jordan: The Dead Sea

China: Loess Plateau

Portugal: Tamera

Lyme Disease

Spilanthes (also for toothaches)

Chameleon Plant


Distilling Your Own Essential Oils

In Memoriam

In Memory of Cascade Anderson Geller: Dandelions

In Memory of Juliette de Baïracli Levy





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