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Information on Shipping
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Domestic Shipments

Priority Mail: for small shipments requiring delivery within 2-3 days.

Priority Mail Books: This rate can be used for single titles. Books will be shipped in padded envelopes or flat rate envelopes provided by the postal service.

FedEx: use this for all orders that you do not wish to have irradiated.

Rush orders: available Monday through Friday. Please contact customer service via email and make arrangements before 11:00 am Pacific Time on the day shipping.

Rebate Coupon for Shipping: Domestic shipments of seeds can use first class mail. If your order is only for seeds, these can be sent in a padded bag IF you make payment via PayPal. You can use the code "PayPal Rebate" without quotation marks and receive $4.00 off your shipping if the order is strictly for seeds.

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International Shipments

We try to meet all requirements of the recipient, but ultimate responsibility for determining the relevant regulations for each country rests with the purchaser.

Please be sure that what you are ordering is permitted.

Please be sure that what you are ordering is permitted.


Customs duties are to be paid by the recipient. If there are any questions at all about foreign shipments, please contact Sacred Medicine Sanctuary before submitting your order.

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