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Azomite Mineral Mix for Potting Soil and Sprouting

Azomite, 12 oz.

This fine powder comes from volcanic rock in Utah and contains 67 trace elements. Azomite is an organic nutrient for use in sprouting mixes, gardening, and composting. It is 100% natural and acts both as a soil amendment and neutralizer of excess acidity in the soil. By enhancing the mineral content of the soil in which your food and herbs are grown, the plants themselves become better sources of the minerals needed for good health.


Kitchen Crop Sprouter, three tiers with water collection tray.

Kitchen Crop Sprouter, 4 tier

Includes water reservoir tray, water collection tray and 3 growing trays (6-inch by 1-3/4-inch) so that you can grow several different types of sprouts at the same time.


Wheatgrass Kit

This kit allows those who have equivocated about whether or not to grow their wheatgrass a complete starter set up at an affordable price. The kit includes instructions, five pounds of sprouting seed, five trays for sprouting, potting soil and Azomite for enhancing the mineral content of the soil. In ten days, you will be able to harvest your own wheatgrass. Please note the kit does not include a juicer. Most people will be able to use a masticating juicer already in their possession or an inexpensive hand juicer.



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