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Seeds Pollinators Love

Hybridization of plants to suit the whims of gardeners has resulted in the proliferation of plants that lack both the nectar and pollen necessary for bees and butterflies.

Seeds for Growing Oriental Vegetables

You will find over 25 varieties of Asian vegetables, including burdock (gobo) and oka hijiki.

Seeds for Growing Ayurvedic Plants

We offer some seeds for growing Ayurvedic mediciinal plants like tulsi, amla, shatavari, and bhringaraj.

Seeds for Growing Medicinal Plants

Whether producing your own herbal tea or medicine, growing your own plants can be fun and rewarding.

In the postwar era, practically everyone on the planet has been exposed to fallout from bomb tests as well as disastrous leaks from nuclear power plants. Add these insults to background radiation, radon, and medical exposures and the need for growing radioprotective plants is clear.

Seeds for Soil Remediation

Much soil today is badly polluted with industrial waste and chemicals as well as pathogenic organisms from farms, sewage, and pharmaceutical residuals.

Sprouting has to be the easiest garden in the world to grow.  The tools are simple, no garden shed needed. All the nutrients needed to grow a broccoli plant are in the broccoli seed.  When the seed opens and the tiny sprout emerges, those nutrients are immediately available to you to be absorbed completely.

The World's Best Garden Tools

The CobraHead weeding tool really is the best garden tool ever created!



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